The Fuss about Supeheroes

by newuser09876 10. November 2014 22:48

If you haven’t noticed, there have been several announcements about superhero movies. In fact, there’s a huge line of them scheduled to be released over the next five years. (Yes I’ll wait while you review the chart and plan out the next five years of your life.) This means that us hero fanatics will have a steady stream of action adventures to watch for a very long time.


It’s lead to hearty discussions over what storyline these movies are going to follow. Who will appear as a lead in to the next movie. And at times, why hasn’t a particular character gotten their own yet?


While quite a few of us are excitedly waiting for the next TV installment or the next movie to come out, other people aren’t quite so excited. They understand that yea sure, these are superheroes, many who have been around since our grandparent’s time. But what’s the big deal really?


To answer that, you have to look at what a hero means to the general population. A hero is someone that other people look up to. They can come in all shapes and forms. Firefighters and rescue personnel are often seen as heroes. Someone who stands up to abuses in their community are often labeled as heroes. Even people fighting catastrophic illnesses can be heroes to those around them. Heroes in our world can be adults or children. Anyone of any age can be a hero to someone.


Heroes often display the types of qualities that people want to see in themselves. Fearlessness, honor and integrity are often key points in selecting a hero. But sometimes a hero is simply someone who takes action when no one else does.


A superhero takes things just a bit further.


Superheroes are often individuals who often go above and beyond what a normal hero does. They take care of situations that normal people just cannot handle. In the world of comics they are often aided with super powers, gadgets and incredible abilities. They have friends and allies they can rely on. But they also deal with villains that most people cannot comprehend.


The villains that superheroes fight against aren’t the normal round of tyrants or bullies the the real world posses. Instead these antagonists would like to take over the world, the galaxy or worse--destroy everything. They have a purpose and it’s up to the superheroes to deflect that purpose as much as possible.


But that’s not the only reason that so many people are drawn to superheroes. Superhero stories allows writers and artists to touch on subjects that matter.  Whether it’s suicide, politics, or other social inequities, superheros have faced them all and often lead readers to question their own actions or views. Comics allow the reader to ask why is this happening and what does it mean for our future? Often the answers aren’t easy. But we can always trust the heroes to pick up the pieces and move forward.


As we experience pain, confusion and heartbreak in our own lives, we can look to the superheroes we love and find the strength to keep going, to make changes, and to fight to make the world a better place. Seeing it on the big screen reinforces those feelings as we realize that there’s a huge community that feels the same. Working together we can be strong. Sometimes it just takes that little push to become a hero, one that we sometimes find in our beloved comics and books.


So as you read comics and books or watch the movies on the big screen, think about why these stories are important to you. Why they are important to others. If there’s something that is bothering you, perhaps you can make a difference.


Apocalypse Ink Productions would like to invite you to read about some of our heroes. Read about people who stepped up even if they weren’t sure about what was going on or even themselves.

~The Shadow Minion

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