Praise for AIP Books

by newuser09876 27. October 2014 13:55

The Sheynan Trilogy by Dylan Birtolo
The Shadow Chaser is an exciting, original novel about a young man who discovers a power that will transform his life forever. Repeatedly losing consciousness for no apparent reason and waking up disoriented in strange places, he embarks on a journey into realities he never knew existed, and he must figure out the changes in his life to survive. A suspenseful saga of self-discovery and the struggle to adapt to supernatural abilities, forces, and enemies.” – Midwest Book Review

The Karen Wilson Chronicles by Jennifer Brozek
Caller Unknown definitely kept me intrigued and I wanted to keep reading to discover who UNKNOWN was and how Karen managed to deal with all the supernatural troubles that kept landing in her lap. I'd definitely recommend it!” – Amanda Pillar, BLOODLINES

The Gentlemen Ghouls Trilogy by Ivan Ewert
"Blends horror and Americana like a Texas cook blends spices. And just you wait 'till he starts the fire." - Kenneth Hite, TOUR DE LOVECRAFT

The Flotsam Trilogy by Peter M. Ball

“By heading down under in Exile, Peter M. Ball gives us a refreshing new Urban Fantasy setting. His world is dark and chilling, where “heroes” often have to do all the wrong things for all the right reasons. This novella ends in a complete package that is satisfyingly grim, yet leaves the reader yearning for more. I eagerly await the second story from this bright new star.” —M. Todd Gallowglas, Author of the Dead Weight series.

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