Meeting the Shadow Minion

by Jennifer 1. July 2015 09:46

Shadow Minion, Sarah, and I got to meet face-to-face at LepreCon41 after 18 months of working together online. This is what I said in my personal blog about it:

"Also, I got to meet my Shadow Minion, Sarah Hendrix, who is as awesome in person as she is online. She took to being my in-person assistant like, well, my shadow. She got me to where I needed to be (Seriously, I have the direction sense of a stoned newt. I couldn’t find my room even once without her.), made me eat, even when I was cranky, found out all the answers, and even played in my Big Demons in Little China game. There’s already an offer on the table to bring the both of us to an LA convention."

It looks like the two of us will be doing more conventions together. We shall see.

Jennifer and Sarah after the convention, tired and happy.



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