Intereview with Dylan Birtolo about the Sheynan Trilogy

by newuser09876 23. September 2014 09:09

Here is an interview with Dylan Birtolo, author of The Shadow Chaser and forthcoming novel, The Bringer of War.

1. The Shadow Chaser and The Bringer of War were previously self-published. What was it like to go back, re-edit, and re-write these books?
It was challenging in a way that I was not used to. It was both easier and harder than writing a story from scratch. On the one hand, it was easier because the plot and general arc of the stories was already set in stone and I couldn’t deviate from it if I wanted to. This gave it guidance and kept it on target right from the beginning. I never had to question where the story was going. On the other hand, this was restrictive which meant I didn’t have enough room to play. If I had a great idea of how to do something in the story differently, I had to bench it. It wasn’t something that I could run with and see where my imagination took me.

2. Now that these two books have been revamped, how are you approaching, The Torn Soul, the third and final book in the series?
One of the most wonderful things about being able to go back to the first two books and knowing that a third one was in the wings was that I could add some hints and teasers about the third book. What this means for the third book is that it is a much bigger overall arc than the previous two. The stakes are raised and it adds a lot of stress and adrenaline to the story, in a good way. Also, I am using it as a book to tie up some of the loose ends for Darien’s evolution.

3. What is your favorite bit about writing the Sheynan trilogy?
I really enjoy the world that I created, mainly because of two things: my love of animals and the fact that it is a world that could exist just outside of our perception. I really enjoy stories that are based in reality because I find it much easier to get lost in them. I like to think that my stories do that because you could believe it is the world we live in today. From a writing technique perspective, I really enjoy the fact that I am able to create an arc that spans three novels, showing the main character as he grows and tries to adapt to what this new world throws at him.

4. Have you written other stories in the Sheynan universe?
I have. As I said before, it is a fun world to play in, so I like to tell stories in this world. I have written two additional stories to date. One of them deals with two of the supplementary characters in the second novel. The other story I wrote is not connected to the trilogy at all beyond the fact that it takes place in the same world.

5. If you met Darien in a dark alley, what do you think would happen?
It would depend on when I met him. Early in the first novel, I think he would be spooked and run off. His general attitude and approach to strangers changes as he gets more used to his abilities. By the end, I think we would walk past each other without saying anything or giving any recognition. But I know I would feel the weight of his stare stabbing into me from behind just between my shoulder blades. I might look back over my shoulder, but he wouldn’t be looking as far as I could tell. It would just be that feeling. And then he’d be gone.

6. If you had the choice, would you become a shapeshifter if your only choice was to becoming Sheynan (a multi-shifter) with all its inherent flaws?
Without a doubt, I would make that choice. It is important to note that I am a firm believer in the saying “the flame the burns twice as bright lasts half as long”, and I’ve always wanted to go for the option of burning as bright as possible. I just hope that I would have the courage and dignity to walk up to my fate honorably at the end before it became too late. Explaining exactly what that means would be a bit of a spoiler, but trust me, it would not be a pretty situation.

7. Where can your fans find all things Dylan Birtolo related?
The best bet is to look at my website. I keep it up to date with any announcements about book releases and conventions I am attending. My website is Enjoy!

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