Becoming a Book

by Jennifer 29. July 2012 15:28

Now that I am done with the final edits on FAMISHED: THE FARM by Ivan Ewert, the manuscript is starting to shape up into an actual book. Acknowledgements and Bio are in place. The cover contract has been signed, and I’m working on the credits page of the book. Everything is on track for the October 2012 release.

It is really a wonderful thing to see the evolution of a story morph into a novel. Making sure there’s consistency. Correcting mistakes. Cutting unnecessary wordage. All of these things polish up an already excellent story into something presentable—something I am proud of and feel comfortable selling. I think I will be as excited as Ivan do see the final product and to hold the book in my hands.




As for THE GHOST'S TALISMAN, Amber and I have had to shift our schedule way out. Partly because we realized we weren’t ready. Partly because we have had so much trouble finding the right models for the parts. We’ve found some but not all.

I have to admit that this is the first time I have worked with a professional group where a “no call, no show” turned out to be the norm rather than the exception. Having worked with artists, authors, game designers, and publishers—all of whom have a (sometimes undeserved) reputation for inconsistency, lateness, slowness, or flakiness—this was a shock. At the very least, I would like to know that you aren’t showing up for test shoots after you have agreed to them.

Amber and I have regrouped. We’ve found all of our locations. We will work with the few models we have to create sample pages of the finished photo graph novel. Then we will work on securing funding. Finally, we will dig back into the problem of finding the right models for the job.

As soon as we know more, you will, too


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