A New AIP Minion

by Jennifer 2. October 2013 09:11

Chris “the Minion” Ward is your every day, average, ordinary evil hench-minion. As a minion, he is trained in the arts of cooking, cleaning, minor evil, organization, walking dogs, major evil, and chainmail. Chris is a voting member in the Minions Guild. His current hobbies include debating politics, playing, analyzing, and complaining about overly complicated video games, reading and exploring beyond the edge of a story into the world around it. Chris is currently attending North Seattle Community College.

Look for posts, tweets, convention appearances, and such from him in the future.




10/3/2013 12:15:42 PM #


Calm Surface, Paddling Feet

Calm Surface, Paddling Feet

Jennifer Brozek |

7/6/2019 4:23:05 PM #


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