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Here’s Mena. She’s a highlander lynx who turned one on 14 April 2013. She is super sweet, funny, and loves to play fetch. She also has congenital stenosis of the ear canal in both ears. I wrote about it in my blog. I will be keeping everyone up-to-date with any blog posts I make for her.

13 April 2013
Mena is almost a year old. I think she’s a year old on 14 April 2013 and she’s still as cute as can be. But, we’ve had little problems with her off and on since we got her. The vet has figured out why Mena has ear problems.

Congenital stenosis of the ear canal in both ears.

I don’t actually recommend looking it up. The pictures are icky. The short of it, her ear canals are too small. Skin cells shed but get stuck, then decay and all kinds of bacteria breed. Her ears produce more wax and oil to try to clear it, blocking it further. Untreated, my kitten will be in pain and go deaf.

“Congenital” anything is not covered by my pet insurance. (When your cats are your kids, you get insurance.)

I really don’t know how I’m going to afford a couple thousand dollars to get her ears fixed. But I don’t want to let my kitten suffer the pain of the condition and go deaf. Maybe I’ll have a book sale or ask someone to be my old fashion patron of the arts. I don’t know.

14 April 2013
Mena will go into the first of her two surgeries on Tuesday, the  16th. The vet is going to do one ear, let it heal and make sure that solves the problem. If it doesn't, she will go on to 'Plan B'. I don't want to find out what 'Plan B' is. I want this to work.

16 April 2013
This morning I dropped Mena off for the first of two surgeries she needs to fix her ears. She has congenital stenosis of the ear canal in both ears. I’m pretty freaked out about it all. My kitty’s in surgery. My pet insurance won’t cover it. The cost of this first surgery with its follow-up appointments is estimated at $2000. It could be more. It could be a little less.

As soon as I found out about this, I went into crisis problem solving mode. I wrangled more hours at my pays-the-bills job and we decided to sell our marble top bar (Seattle area). Then, unexpectedly, a patron stepped forward to help us out financially. I’m so grateful. Things aren’t nearly as dire as they first were and I can focus on Mena.

The Husband and I decided that we were going to do an Apocalypse Ink Productions book sale to supplement our funds, to say thank you to our fans, and to put CALLER UNKNOWN, the first book in the Karen Wilson Chronicles on sale since CHILDREN OF ANU, book two in the series comes out in about two months.

Apocalypse Ink Productions is having a 30% off sale for everything in the AIP store. Just use the code MENA. We also added a choose-your-own-level donation product if you just want to help out. We’ll keep the Mena page updated with pictures and progress.

If nothing else, good vibes and prayers for my broken kitty are appreciated.

16 April 2013
Mena is out of surgery. It was hard and the vet had to invent a new procedure specifically for Mena. She needs to be kept overnight 1-2 nights to make sure everything is okay. Apparently, where her ear cartilage was supposed to be 1/8" thick, it was more like 1/2" thick.

17 April
Just got back from visiting Mena at the vet. They need to keep her another night to make sure her pain is managed and to make sure the surgery wound is healing as expected. Mena is on serious drugs and is feeling no pain. At the same time, she really, really wanted to be with me but also wanted her box (aka the litter box—I can see why they leave so little litter in there and clean it immediately).

She knew me as soon as I came in and was both very meowy and purring. She couldn’t get comfortable but was happy to see me. She insisted on having me hold her from time to time and kept trying to rub her wound on me. This freaked me out. I mean, I’ve been dealing with an open leg wound since February and the idea of rubbing is just… not gonna think about it.

Mena will be on a pain patch for two weeks. I’m glad. That surgery wound looks awful to me. It’s open down the side of her face. The skin is suppose to close and the hair is suppose to camouflage the surgical scar. But, everything is reacting as expected.

19 April
Mena is home now, in her blue cape. She keeps trying to groom but fails. This is good and bad. Right now, all of the cats are randomly hissy at each other. First it was Mena. It’s the drugs. Now, it’s mostly Isis and she’s hissing at everyone. I’m pretty sure it is a dominance thing. Plus, Mena’s cape makes her look bigger than she is.

Thank you everyone who helped raise money for Mena’s surgery. You all helped raise about $400. Between that, my extra hours, and my patron, we’re squeaking through. We’re still hoping to sell the bar to cover the rest and the follow up visit.

We’ve decided to keep the Apocalypse Ink Productions book sale going through the middle of May. Partly as a “thank you!” and partly in prep of the release of CHILDREN OF ANU. I’m really-really glad she’s home.


29 April 2013
I really wanted this update to be all about how good Mena’s doing but, while her stitches seem to be healing well (she was supposed to get them out tomorrow), she’s started vomiting in the last couple of days and wouldn’t accept treats today. Yesterday and today it looked like she tried to eat her kibble but couldn’t keep it down. Thus, a call to the vet. Thus, a request to bring her in immediately. *sigh*

Doc quizzed me on medicine and such. It could be anything: she needs more antibiotics or she ate something bad or something’s going on with her ear that’s making her nauseated. No one knows right now. I’m going to call later in the day. I know she’s going to be kept overnight and probably x-rayed. 

My poor fur baby. She just can’t catch a break.

1 May 2013
Mena is home now and doing much better. She's got a cream for the ear and antibiotics. But everything is on the mend and I couldn't be happier.

20 May 2013
Mena is fine and frisky. She has her one month ear check up on Friday to tell us if the surgery worked. Poor baby hasn't liked the meds or the ear cream.




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