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Apparently, I have a thing about things eating people. My husband pointed this out to me when he read my collection, In a Gilded Light. In retrospect, I do occasionally like to write about humans being eaten by monsters, furniture, houses, plants, and other beasties. That’s one of the reasons I called this chapbook “Mastication.” That, and so I could ask, “Can I interest you in some Mastication?” at conventions just to see the reactions.

In May 2009, we printed 200 copies of this chapbook and gave them away for free. I guess that makes them collector items. Now that I’ve seen them online for as little as $5 to as much as $15, the husband and I decided it was time to get a free ebook copy out there for people to read and enjoy.

If you like what you read in this book, you might also like some of my other work: the previously mentioned In a Gilded Light, The Lady of Seeking in the City of Waiting, or the Karen Wilson Chronicles, starting with Caller Unknown (2012) and The Children of Anu (2013). Also, I have free fiction on my website at

As a mid-level writer, every little bit helps. I know I appreciate it and while my cats may not specifically appreciate it, I know they appreciate the kibble that your patronage buys. So, please enjoy this fine repast of six short stories and sink your teeth into Mastication.

Jennifer Brozek
December 2012

P.S.: Thank you to Apocalypse Ink Productions for hosting this free chapbook.

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