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Famished: The Farm
Gentlemen Ghouls #1

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Famished: The Commons
Gentlemen Ghouls #2

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Hunger is wider than the world and more powerful than heaven.
What would man not do in service to its terrifying glory?

Famished: The Farm is a world of horrific appetites, not far removed from our own. Men and women go about their days half-aware of an empty dissatisfaction with their lives, their world—a void of empty consumption—and a gnawing sense that there must be more.

Yet some few are aware.

They have stepped beyond the pale to see the truth of both their hunger and its inevitable fulfillment: Power. Satiety. Completion. Godhead. These are the gentleman ghouls of The Farm: the eaters of human flesh. The Farm follows Gordon Velander into the path of utter damnation and horrible redemption. His life will change forever. His sacrifice will change The Farm and all of the gentlemen ghouls in the world.


The greatest hunger shall drive the darkest deeds…

Gordon Velander knows appetites, having trafficked with those spirits that lie beneath the sweet flesh of the world.

In Famished: The Farm, with the aid of those spirits, he razed the Farm, the Midwestern outpost of the Gentleman Ghouls. Now he is drawn deeper into the plots of those who would tear the Ghouls from the heart of the world. The spirits claim they will restore his soul, permit him to rest, cleanse him of sin – when the last of the Ghouls lies dead at his feet.

Yet the Ghouls do not sit patiently. They stalk, they hunt, they feed.

Famished: The Commons follows Gordon, the Ghouls, and those spirits of hunger as they scheme and sacrifice.




"Ivan Ewert's FAMISHED: THE FARM blends horror and Americana like a Texas cook blends spices. And just you wait 'till he starts the fire."

"Ivan Ewert's FAMISHED: THE FARM is some fun, old-school horror.  Ancient gods, cannibalism, and more than a little madness.  Ivan Ewert is a seriously twisted writer."
- Stephen Blackmoore, DEAD THINGS

Cover art for Famished: The Farm, Famished: The Commons by Amber Clark of Stopped-Motion Photography.

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