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Apocalypse Ink Productions is proud to present a sampler pack for all of our series.  Enjoy the first novel in each of our fiction collections for a bargain price.

Caller Unknown – The first of four novels following the trials of Karen Wilson as she delves into the secret and magical side of Kendrick. With enemies on all sides, unknown allies, and a baby gargoyle, what she finds will change her life forever. Karen Wilson Chronicles #1.

The Thin – Trinidad O’Laughlin is descended from Wardens—guardians bonded to a territory by magic. She shares the gift, but has no place of her own. A distress call from Indiana may give her a chance at one… if she can survive long enough to take it. Cross Cutting #1.

Exile – It’s a fast-paced, action-packed run on the wild side of the Gold Coast of Australia. Delve into the supernatural world of the Gloom and all its practitioners. Mind your step. There are things in the Gloom that were old when this world was young and they are hungry. Flotsam Trilogy #1.

The Shadow Chaser – Darien Yost, a young man thrust into a world he never dreamed existed and bestowed with powers he never wanted. Now that he has both, there’s no turning back. Caught in a cold war between two warring factions, Darien brings the fight to their doorstep and consequences be damned. Sheynan Trilogy #1.

Famished:  The Farm – Power. Satiety. Completion. Godhead. These are the gentleman ghouls of the Farm, the eaters of human flesh. The Farm follows Gordon Velander into the path of utter damnation and horrible redemption. His life will change forever. His sacrifice will change The Farm and all of the gentlemen ghouls in the world. Gentlemen Ghouls #1.

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