Forthcoming Projects

The Marrow - The third book in the Cross Cutting trilogy - An urban fantasy novella by Wendy Hammer. December 2016.

Famished: The Gentlemen Ghouls - The Gentlemen Ghouls series omnibus, including new universe stories – by Ivan Ewert. 2017.

The Cross Cutting Trilogy - The Cross Cutting series omnibus, including new universe stories - by Wendy Hammer. 2017.

5 Minute Stories, Volume 1 by Jennifer Brozek. 2017.

Confessions of a Publishing Minion by Sarah Hendrix. 2017

5 Minute Stories, Volume 2 by Jennifer Brozek. 2017

Apocalypse Ink Productions

A small press publication house specializing in dark speculative fiction.
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Latest Releases

Famished: The Ranch
Gentlemen Ghouls #3
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Cross Cutting series #2
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Karen Wilson Chronicles

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AIP Firsts
eBook Bundle

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The Flotsam Trilogy

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The Sheynan Trilogy
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Chimera Incarnate

Karen Wilson Chronicles #4
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Jay Lake's
Process of Writing
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