Five Minute Stories

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Five Minute Stories
A little bit of story to last you all day...

19 Sep 2017 - 14 Dec 2017.
Written and read by Jennifer Brozek. Post production by Jeff Brozek.

This podcast show is a reading of selected stories from Five Minute Stories, Volumes 1 - 5, written and read by Jennifer Brozek. Some of the stories are old favorites, some are brand new, all were inspired by real life events that have been twisted into something dark and supernatural. There will be 26 episodes of this program, released twice a week starting September 19th. Each story will average about five minutes, some a bit longer, some a touch shorter, and every single one of them will be a little bit of story to last you all day.

Episode 26: Elevator of the Damned - Elevators can be the meeting places of clashing strangers, deep emotions, and sudden revelations.

Episode 25: The Harpsichord - Monica believes she's made the find of her museum curator's career. She's right in more ways than one.

Episode 24: Waiting - Have you ever forgotten something so important that it shocks you to the core when you remember once more?

Episode 23: Responsible - No one believes a seer when its bad news. Now, she's no longer responsible for saving lives.

Episode 22: Two Letters - What's the best advice you've ever received? Did you act on it?

Episode 21: Room Service - The Continental is a full service hotel. Anything you want. Anytime you want it.

Episode 20: Rivalry - There's nothing like a rivalry to inspire backstabbing and murder.

Episode 19: Anchors - We are all connected. Sometimes, we need a reminder.

Episode 18: Nightmare Revelation - What if you were your dearest one's nightmare? Could you be forgiven?

Episode 17: The Last Present - Skill can be honed, but talent is the one thing you need to be born with.

Episode 16: Finishing Touches - An artist's creative endeavor is never done until the artist says so.

Episode 15: Red and White and Bad for Your Heart - A suitable punishment for a punning friend?  You decide.

Episode 14: Number 42 - Brett’s been on the run for a long time. They have him in their clutches now. Can he escape?

Episode 13: Ink - It’s important to have the proper tools before you begin your NaNoWriMo challenge.

Episode 12: Train to Topeka - One last adventure for Victoria Montgomery.

Episode 11: Origin Story - Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

Episode 10: Good Friday Sacrifice - Would you sacrifice what you love most to save the world?

Episode 09: No Names - In a dark club, “I won’t even tell you my name…”

Episode 08: Questions - What would you do if I told you that I knew your deepest, darkest secret?

Episode 07: Collateral Damage - Wrong place, wrong time. And now she’s seen too much.

Episode 06: The EMP Touch - A rejected lover doesn't get mad. She gets even. And this punishment is forever.

Episode 05 - Interloper - Apocalyptic minions face their most feared foe. What could it be?

Episode 04 - Addictions - Video games… They can be addicting, but this one’s a killer.

Episode 03 - The Perfect Match - He wants the perfect tattoo. Will the price be more than he bargained for?

Episode 02 - Dust Bunnies - A house inspector discovers the real reason a house has been abandoned. Will he live to tell others?

Episode 01 - Cassandra's Little Brother. A seer makes the best of a bad situation... for everyone but himself.

Episode 00 - Introduction.





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