Keystones cover art revealed!

by Jennifer 24. March 2014 10:10

I'm pleased to reveal the cover for the Karen Wilson Chronicles book, KEYSTONES, by Jennifer Brozek. The cover artist is Amber Clark of Stopped Motion Photography. This book and ebook will be released on April 15th. Here's the cover. Is it not wonderful?

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The Shadow Chaser cover art revealed

by Jennifer 17. March 2014 10:32

I’m pleased to announce that Larry Dixon is the cover artist for the Sheynan trilogy by Dylan Birtolo. The first book of the trilogy is THE SHADOW CHASER. This ebook will be released on April 15. Here’s the cover. Is it not marvelous?

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Jay Lake's Process of Writing Cover

by Jennifer 19. June 2013 10:41

Jay Lake’s Process of Writing, 2005-2010
Author: Jay Lake
Foreword: Ken Scholes
Afterword: J. A. Pitts
Editor: Jennifer Brozek
Editorial intern: Minerva Zimmerman
Cover image: Bob Brown

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Children of Anu Back Cover Copy

by Jennifer 6. May 2013 10:13

Open-ended debts were the worst thing someone could agree to, but she had no choice.

Consequences of every action are coming home to roost. When one darkness falls, another rises to take its place. Sometimes, the new darkness is worse than the first.

Reginald, the recognized Master of the City, controls the supernatural society of Kendrick with Karen Wilson as his mouthpiece. In Caller Unknown, Karen and Reginald went through a traumatic event that almost left Karen dead and Reginald a slave to the Order of the Sacred Eye.

The cost of the attempted ritual and the war between the supernatural factions will have lasting effects for years to come. Friendships are broken. Alliances are formed. A deal with the devil has become all too common. Old debts must be paid—sometimes in blood.

Worst of all, Karen, and all of Kendrick, must now face the Children of Anu.

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Cover of CHILDREN OF ANU by Jennifer Brozek

by Jennifer 24. April 2013 11:51

Due out in June 2013.


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Cover art for CHILDREN OF ANU by Jennifer Brozek

by Jennifer 11. April 2013 08:38

Here's the cover art for CHILDREN OF ANU, the second book in the Karen Wilson Chronicles by Jennifer Brozek.

The book is due out 1 June 2013. The photo was taken by Amber Clark of Stopped Motion Photography.


Pretty spiffy, huh?


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by Jennifer 26. September 2012 21:09

Cover art by Amber Clark of Stopped Motion Photography.



Very nice indeed.


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by Jennifer 27. August 2012 10:24

Cover art by Shane Tyree


I think it came out very well.


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It Has Begun

by Jennifer 16. May 2012 20:11

Industry Talk is out in the world as an e-book and the sales have started. It’s an exciting time for us at Apocalypse Ink Productions. We’ve already learned a few things along the way but nothing that hurt too much. Now, we are in the process of working with Lightening Source to get the soft copy of the book done. We project a release date of July 15, 2012 for the soft copy version.

In the meantime, you can find Industry Talk in these formats:

Amazon Kindle

Barnes and Noble Nook

Drive Thru Fiction (ePub, PDF)


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by Jennifer 3. May 2012 11:16


Industry Talk by Jennifer Brozek

Cover design by Ivan Ewert

Industry Talk is a collection of two previously published columns by Jennifer Brozek, Dice & Deadlines and The Making of an Anthology. The collection also contains brand-new content including step-by-step instructions on how to pitch an anthology and advice on managing a freelance career.

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