The Shadow Minion

by Jennifer 30. January 2014 10:06

We have a new minion at AIP.

Sarah isn’t your typical minion.  Not only does she crush a heaping slush pile but she excels in chaos. Her duties in the past have included co-hosting the #sffwrt chat on twitter to chasing down ideas for stories. She loves the developmental stages of a project and likes weaving seemingly unrelated things into a beauteous whole. To complete her love of all things unorganized, she has 2 cats, 2 teenage boys and a fiancé and she makes wearable art with small beads. Her stories can be found in the Space Battles FTST#6 from Flying Pen Press, the In Situ, and the FISH anthologies both from Dagan Books and in Feb, a flash piece from Lakeside Circus. You can follow her on her blog at


Interviewed by the Shadow Minion

by Jennifer 26. January 2014 11:18

AIP is currently open to query submissions for 3 linked novellas. We are looking for well-written, modern day, dark speculative fiction. The kind of story that could be happening around you as you walk out the door.

As creative director, what are you looking for?
I want to be transported. I want to read the story in a coffee shop, look up, and imagine it happening in around wherever I am. I want supernatural elements that intrigue me and horror elements that affect me. The worst thing is to have a story that I care nothing about.

Why go with 3 linked novellas?
Think of it like a serial novel. We want to get the novellas out 3 times a year in e-format only and the release a compilation of the stories in limited edition hard back, trade, and e-format. This way, content is coming out quicker throughout the year.

Can or should the link be obvious or subtle?
The link needs to be obvious enough that the three novellas together tell a whole story.

Why not Zombies?
I don’t like zombies. That’s not subtle. They’ve been done to death. They bore me.

Why have other queries been rejected?
For a number of reasons. For not fitting the dark speculative theme (urban fantasy / horror). For not being an interesting story. For having really bad world building rules.

Common flaws you've seen in submissions?
Weirdly, I’m getting a lot of people who don’t have a story idea. Instead, they want me to tell them what story I want written and to hand-hold them through the synopsis and outline. I have to admit, this was not something I expected. Other than that, just not suiting AIP’s chosen niche.

What would your dream submission be like?
A synopsis of 3 linked novella length stories with diverse characters (LGBT, POC characters encouraged), a fascinating take on the real world, with an interesting plotline. The synopsis is erudite and concise. The author is responsive and willing to take editorial direction. I want an emotional story with action.



Quick Reminder

by Jennifer 24. December 2013 10:04

Just a quick reminder to say that AIP opens for novella query submissions next week!


Last Day of the Holiday Sale

by Jennifer 2. December 2013 10:26

Holiday Sale!
Apocalypse Ink Productions Store
All ebooks are $0.99 and all domestic shipping is free.

If you prefer Amazon:

Caller Unknown, Karen Wilson Chronicles, Book 1, Jennifer Brozek
Children of Anu, Karen Wilson Chronicles, Book 2, Jennifer Brozek
Famished: The Farm, Gentlemen Ghouls, Book 1, Ivan Ewert

Jay Lake’s Process of Writing, Jay Lake
Industry Talk, Jennifer Brozek

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by Jennifer 28. November 2013 18:00


November 28-December 2nd

ALL ebooks are $0.99

All domestic shipping is free with the code: BLACKFRIDAY

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From the Authors

by Jennifer 25. November 2013 10:15

Here's a peek at some of the stuff our authors have been doing lately.

Ivan talks about what it's like to go through heavy revisions on a novel (Famished: The Commons) for the first time. This is the sequel to Famished: The Farm.

Jennifer talks how she came up with the title for the fourth Karen Wilson Chronicles book, Chimera Incarnate. The first two books, Caller Unknown and Children of Anu, are already out.

Jay talks about his 2013 fiction bibliography. He doesn't mention his writing book, Jay Lake's Process of Writing, because it's not fiction. It's an impressive list. You should take a look.

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AIP Open Reading Periods

by Jennifer 23. October 2013 10:59

Read the submission guidelines fully—pretty please and thank you.

There are two open QUERY reading periods early 2014:

Jan 1-Mar 31: Linked novella trilogies. Dark speculative fiction/horror/urban fantasy. NO zombies.

Mar 1-May 30: Non-fiction book on writing in the internet age.

We’re starting with queries because the Creative Director, Jennifer Brozek, thinks she knows what she wants but is happy to be surprised by the unexpected (within the submission guidelines). Jennifer likes her horror subtle, creepy, and suspenseful. No splatterpunk. She likes her dark urban fantasy to make her believe it is happening around her when she walks out her front door and doesn’t realize it. No zombies. Seriously. No zombies.

Also, Apocalypse Ink Productions will be at Convolution in November. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Jennifer there.


A New AIP Minion

by Jennifer 2. October 2013 09:11

Chris “the Minion” Ward is your every day, average, ordinary evil hench-minion. As a minion, he is trained in the arts of cooking, cleaning, minor evil, organization, walking dogs, major evil, and chainmail. Chris is a voting member in the Minions Guild. His current hobbies include debating politics, playing, analyzing, and complaining about overly complicated video games, reading and exploring beyond the edge of a story into the world around it. Chris is currently attending North Seattle Community College.

Look for posts, tweets, convention appearances, and such from him in the future.



JayWake Contest Winner

by Jennifer 1. October 2013 15:02

We are pleased to announce the JayWake contest winner is Karen Anderson AKA @WriterWay. Congratulations, Karen! We hope you enjoy the JayWake edition of Jay Lake's Process of Writing.

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Jay Lake’s Process of Writing Contest

by Jennifer 16. September 2013 09:34

Jay Lake’s Process of Writing is officially out! Of course, we need to have a contest for it. Link this page on Facebook, twitter, or your blog between now and September 30th to be entered into a contest to win the last signed and numbered limited JayWake hardback edition of Jay Lake’s Process of Writing, complete with Howard Tayler’s artwork. You will also receive a JayWake pin and a JayWake smooshed penny. This contest is not limited by geography.

If your entry is on Facebook or on your blog, post that link on Twitter directed to @ApocalypseInk or contact us through email at

Sample Tweet:
Just released from @ApocalypseInk - @Jay_Lake’s Process of Writing. Win the JayWake edition! #contest RT to win.

Sample Facebook status update:
New from Apocalypse Ink Productions, Jay Lake’s Process of Writing. Now available in physical and e-book formats. Win the JayWake edition!

What will you win? We’re glad you asked. Take a look.

Hardback limited JayWake edition of Jay Lake’s Process of Writing. #47/50 and signed by Jay Lake.

The smooshed JayWake penny gifted by Janna Silverstein.

The JayWake pin designed by Howard Tayler and gifted by Minerva Zimmerman.




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