AIP Submission Update

by Jennifer 12. February 2014 16:47

Apocalypse Ink Productions is pleased that we’ve had several queries for our 3 Linked Novellas. Some while interesting, weren’t quite what we were looking for. We do have a few hopeful submissions but we aren’t closing our doors yet. Our reading period closes on March 31, so there’s still time to get your query polished and sent to us.

So far, this has been an interesting and educational experience for us. As our first open call, we weren’t sure what to expect. It’s been eye-opening to say the least. But things are going well.

While it might not make a difference to some, most of our submissions have been from men. We want to make sure that women, POC, and LGBT writers know they are also welcome.

So, if you have a dark urban fantasy or horror set between 1950 and 2050, we’d love to see it. Right now we aren’t looking for far future or anything having to do with zombies.We might consider a YA if it leans more towards adult.

We look forward to seeing your queries.

~The Shadow Minion


Updated Novella Payment Terms

by Jennifer 10. February 2014 17:36

After answering a variety of questions, reviewing industry contracts, and looking at our finances, we are looking to update our payment terms as follows.

  • Authors will receive a royalty of 15% of the cover price of all physical print editions sold.
  • Authors will receive a royalty of 35% of the cover price of all electronic e-book editions sold.
  • All royalties earned will apply towards the Author advance.

AIP is more than willing to negotiate contract terms with individual authors, as we believe in paying authors what they are worth.


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