AIP Open Reading Periods

by Jennifer 23. October 2013 10:59

Read the submission guidelines fully—pretty please and thank you.

There are two open QUERY reading periods early 2014:

Jan 1-Mar 31: Linked novella trilogies. Dark speculative fiction/horror/urban fantasy. NO zombies.

Mar 1-May 30: Non-fiction book on writing in the internet age.

We’re starting with queries because the Creative Director, Jennifer Brozek, thinks she knows what she wants but is happy to be surprised by the unexpected (within the submission guidelines). Jennifer likes her horror subtle, creepy, and suspenseful. No splatterpunk. She likes her dark urban fantasy to make her believe it is happening around her when she walks out her front door and doesn’t realize it. No zombies. Seriously. No zombies.

Also, Apocalypse Ink Productions will be at Convolution in November. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Jennifer there.


A New AIP Minion

by Jennifer 2. October 2013 09:11

Chris “the Minion” Ward is your every day, average, ordinary evil hench-minion. As a minion, he is trained in the arts of cooking, cleaning, minor evil, organization, walking dogs, major evil, and chainmail. Chris is a voting member in the Minions Guild. His current hobbies include debating politics, playing, analyzing, and complaining about overly complicated video games, reading and exploring beyond the edge of a story into the world around it. Chris is currently attending North Seattle Community College.

Look for posts, tweets, convention appearances, and such from him in the future.



JayWake Contest Winner

by Jennifer 1. October 2013 15:02

We are pleased to announce the JayWake contest winner is Karen Anderson AKA @WriterWay. Congratulations, Karen! We hope you enjoy the JayWake edition of Jay Lake's Process of Writing.

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