First Image for You

by Jennifer 26. April 2012 12:28

Last night was fun and vexing for those of us working at Apocalypse Ink. We have the first completed wrap around cover, the first contract signed, and the next contract to send out to one of our authors. Making sure contracts and royalties are correct can be difficult. We want to make sure we do it right the first time.

Soon I will be able to post the first cover. As soon as we figure out the vagaries of pushing the book to Amazon and other companies.

Earlier in the week, I had a meeting with Amber Clark about The Ghost’s Talisman. I’m doing rewrites on the script based on Amber’s suggestions and she is getting the call for actors ready. She’s already been scouting out places for photo shoots. It is all coming together nicely. Below is one of the test images.



Adventures in Publication

by Jennifer 19. April 2012 15:49

Wednesdays will be our main work day for AIP to go over everything that needs all of our input - all sorts of business related stuff. Last Wednesday, we bought our first ISBNs and assigned the first one! An announcement on the first forthcoming book soon.

Other excitement included figuring out cost effective convention swag for Origins Game Fair where I, Jennifer Brozek (AKA the face of Apocalypse Ink), will be there are an author in the Library--selling books, speaking on panels, and playing in the upgraded play RPGs as a guest player. Sounds like a blast. We haven't completely narrowed down our swag list but we've got some cool stuff we think.

Other than that, things behind-the-scenes are moving at an acceptable pace. Thanks for coming along with us.


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Apocalypse Ink Productions

by Jennifer 9. April 2012 13:34


This past weekend was Norwescon and I quietly announced the creation of the new small press company, Apocalypse Ink Productions. *cheers*  Apocalypse Ink Production has two sides to it: a non-fiction line dedicated to the publishing industry and all things writing related, and a fiction side that is primarily dark speculative fiction—novels and single author collections.

My husband and I decided to take the leap some time ago. Being planners, we have been doing all the behind the scenes business stuff to make it all legal.  

Right now, we are closed to submissions. We have our first year’s projects lined up. However, you can always contact us at Apocalypse.Ink.Productions at gmail or follow our twitter feed at @apocalypseink. Things will be quiet to begin with but we have some awesome stuff planned.  We hope you’ll join us.



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